Save time at the Bürgeramt by booking an appointment to register

Just moved to or moved house in Berlin?

It is a requirement by law to register your address with the authorities within two weeks of taking up your residency in Berlin.  Not many people realise this, but you don’t need to stand in line for half a day to register your address.  You can make appointments for your registration online or by calling 030 115.  If you need an appointment for more than one person you must do this by making a phone call.  Online it is currently only possible to book one slot.  Unfortunately it is difficult to get an english speaker on the phone, so get a friend or colleague to make the call for you if you are still working on your Deutsch.

Ideally you can book two weeks in advance, but if you are in a hurry, call up on the day, in the morning and ask for an appointment that day.  In the morning you can usually get an appointment that has been cancelled short notice.  But be early as they go quick!



Document Checklist

  • Identification: Passport or EU ID Card (for each family member)
  • Registration form – Anmeldeformular – use more than one form for more than 2 people
    (2 persons per page)
  • Civil Status Certificate – Personenstandsurkunde
    Just at the first registration in Berlin, for example: Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate
  • Confirmation of Entry – Einzugsbestätigung des Wohnungsgebers (Vermieter)
    Confirmation from the Landlord that you have moved in – make sure your landlord gives this to you at the handover of your apartment.  If you landlord (private owner) needs a form to fill out, see the link below “Confirmation of Entry”.



Go to the offical website here to download your forms

To download the forms, scroll down and search for:

  • Registration form: “Anmeldung bei der Meldebehörde”
  • Confirmation of Entry: Muster: “Einzugsbestätigung des Wohnungsgebers (Vermieter)”



Continue scrolling down and choose the neighbourhood you wish to go to or choose

“Termin berlinweit suchen und buchen” to select an appointment anywhere in Berlin.



If you need an appointment for more than one person at once, you need to call 030 115.

If you need assistance you can use a relocation service like our Landing Pad Expert, Emily from Archer Relocation. Emily offers full service registration and coaching.


Contribution by Emily Archer, founder of Landing Pad Berlin, an organisation on a mission to help internationals feel settled and at home, and get the most out of their experience living and working in the German capital.  Emily is Managing Director at Archer Relocation.

Emily Archer is a Relocation Consultant and your first new friend in Berlin. Originally from Australia, Emily lived in Melbourne, Sydney and Barcelona before moving to Munich in 1999.  Resident to Berlin since 2003, Emily has now been in Germany for more than 18 years. Emily founded Archer Relocation early 2015 desiring to use her first hand experience and professional skills to assist fellow expats moving to Berlin.  Archer Relocation offers the services you need to make your arrival in Berlin a smooth one, including home search, bureaucracy, immigration, and family assistance.

Meet Emily at the next Landing Pad Event and get all your relocation questions answered.