About LPB

Landing Pad Berlin is a unique and vibrant community for expats and international professionals living in Berlin. Our members are instantly connected to like-minded people and gain access to resources and events to help them feel settled and at home, and get the most out of their international experience living and working in the German capital.

At our events organised for expats by expats, you’ll find a range of knowledgable and trusted experts all under one roof, there to answer all your burning questions about living and working in the city, and to provide you with information and resources useful and relevant to you. Along with ‘speed coaching’ with our experts, you’ll also get the chance to meet and connect with other like-minded international professionals. Our events are held after work hours, in the evenings or on weekends.  

Founder of Landing Pad Berlin is Emily Archer, together with cooperation partners Lorna Ather and Melanie Fieseler. Being expats or immigrants ourselves, we are sensitive to the needs of those relocating to Berlin. As parents, we know how families tick and what’s important when you have more than just your own needs to consider. As long-term, integrated ‘Berliner’, we know what’s what and who’s who, so that our Landing Pad is the place to get the information you need to feel like you’ve truly landed in Berlin.


About the Founders

Emily Archer is a Relocation Consultant and your first new friend in Berlin. She offers all the services you could possibly need to make your arrival in Berlin a smooth one. Originally from Melbourne, having lived in Sydney, Barcelona and Munich, Emily is mother to two sons and has been in Germany since 1999.





Another mother to two sons, Lorna Ather, originally from the United Kingdom has been in Berlin for over a decade. She is an independent Maternity Concierge and Baby Planner, supporting families with all organizational aspects of life in Berlin.





Melanie Fieseler has also been in Berlin for approaching a decade, arriving from Beijing where she’d lived for eight years. Melanie uses her extensive experience in the corporate world to support women and men in achieving their career and business goals as a Career Consultant. She is originally from the United Kingdom, and now lives between Berlin and Paris.




Emily, Lorna and Melanie came together via a business network for entrepreneurs in Berlin at the beginning of 2017.  We soon realised that by combining our networks we were able to cater to the many and diverse needs of our international clients.  We decided to pull our networks together under one roof to provide a one stop shop for internationals and a social networking opportunity for expats in Berlin to meet like minded people, make new connections and develop their support network both professionally and personally in their new home of Berlin.

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